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Dads Choice Awards Winner!

Welcome to the Safari Park, the wildest place in Chuggington! Join safari guide, Mtambo, on a tour of the Safari Park. Load Mtambo into the moving elevator, bring him up to the Safari Park’s track and let the adventures begin! Give Mtambo a tap on his roof and he’s off on his safari adventure thanks to his motorised T.A.G. (Touch and Go) touch controls – all it takes is another tap to bring him to a stop so he can say hello to the safari park’s animal friends! At the railroad crossing, the same motorised controls will raise the crossing gates for Mtambo to pass through. Tap once to raise the gates, then lower them again with another tap. Take Ebo the Elephant along for the ride by placing Ebo inside the included trailer carriage. Along the way, you will meet a playful monkey who can slide down the zip line to greet a friendly lion alongside the tracks. The Safari Park Track Set includes 1 exclusive T.A.G. Mtambo train, 18 pieces of track, 5 brackets, and 4 connector pieces that enables you to combine the Safari Park Track Set with a wide range of other train track sets. The Safari Park Track Set is made for little conductors ages 3 and up.

The Entertainer — SRP £39.99



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