Explore our brand new range of apps for you and your little trainee to enjoy at home or on the move! 


Making Tracks soon! A free app available on tablet and mobile. Learning how to work with others can be challenging for young children in early years development. Our traintastic app has lots of games, inspired from scenes and situations from the Chuggington TV series to help build your little one's important life skill.


Brewster, KoKo and Wilson need your help! Enjoy 4 games featuring your favourite little trainees and don't forget to collect lots of stickers along the way.

- Help Wilson rescue other chugger friends around Chuggington
- Help KoKo reach her super speed
- Help Brewster with his daily tasks around the city

PLUS: Discover great locations around Chuggington along the way!

No adverts, no in-app purchase just lots of traintastic Fun!



Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue ~ A 3D Interactive Pop-up Book! Get Ready to Rescue with your favourite Chuggington characters! Available for tablets & phones!

<span roboto,="" uilanguagefont,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;"="">· Features a fantastic musical score and lots of traintastic sound effects


Join Zack and the Chugineers in this virtual chugger set. Use traintastic tools to fix tracks, repair bridges, drill tunnels, and more! Help fix problems with the Chuggineer team and earn new items to build your own Chuggington world. Are you ready? Lets build together!

- Build your own Chuggington world
- Help save the day
- clean up spills, repair bridges, put out fires and more!
- Complete missions to earn new traintastic items
- Ride the rails with your favourite chugger and meet new characters Tyne, Fletch & Cormac
- Control speed, direction, and switch from day to night
- Tap your chugger to honk the horn. Toot toot!
- Follow easy step-by-step instructions from Zack, foreman of the Chuggineers
​- Play in free mode, or unlock the full version to access everything


In this puzzle-tastic app, your preschooler can play with their favourite chugger friends and visit 6 of the coolest Chugger locations in town. There's loads of replay value in this educational and fun app containing jigsaw puzzle, connect the dots and hidden object games.

- Fun and assorted puzzle gameplay
- 3 different types of activities, 3 difficulty levels
- Piece-together fun jigsaw puzzles (two can play at the same time!)
- Connect the dots around your favourite chuggers
- Use your fingers to explore scenes and find hidden objects
- Watch exciting video clips from Chuggington episodes
- Complete the mini games before the time runs out
- Win special collectible chugger cards for each level completed. Become a Chuggington Puzzle Master!
- Educational games that practice reasoning skills, sequence & spatial-awareness
​- Hands-on learning with positive reinforcement and TRAINTASTIC rewards


Traintastic adventures await! This free app includes railway adventures, exciting episode clips, a chugger set collection activity and lots more fun. Download now!

- Ride the rails with your favourite chuggers by drawing a path through Chuggington!
- Attach cargo cars, wagons, jet packs, boosters, and other cool gear
- Celebrate successful adventures with fireworks and positive reinforcement from the Chuggers
- Collect and install all of the chugger set pieces in Build & Play mode, then explore your very own Chuggington world!
- Complete the exciting Braking Brewster adventure which includes tasks such as loading, discovery, rescue, and speedy delivery
- Special features such as flying, nighttime scenes, target play, and speed boosters add variety and encourage extended play!
- Watch clips and interact with chugger set pieces in “My Collection”
- Additional packs for 3 new adventures based on other Chuggington episodes
​- The Brewster Booster, JetPack Wilson & Can’t Catch Koko.


Travel around Chuggington and take on training challenges!

In this fun packed app, it will engage your child to count, write, recognise and take care of the animals and even learn to wash. The app also contains more than 20 jigsaw puzzles and an art studio where you can create your own Chuggington image.