Chuggington follows the fun adventures of the three Little Trainees, Wilson, Brewster & Koko whilst providing valuable developmental benefits which can help your pre-schooler learn important life skills, which we call our Little Trainee Goals!

We'll be providing you with exciting activities on our website and new videos on our YouTube Channel to further encourage these skills with your Little Trainee.



Our 3 Little Trainees are really fond of each other and they support each other in many ways. Children of this age usually love being with their peers to play, learn from each other and have fun. Building and keeping relationships is key to your child’s social life as they start nursery through adulthood. In Chuggington, the community is built around friendships and a strong sense of belonging thus showing your child how to be confident, having empathy and respecting others.


Children at this young age can easily be frustrated partly because they generally like to have instant gratification and partly because they have a limited attention span. As our Little Trainees learn to brush-up their skills with older chuggers, their perseverance is regularly put to the test. The chuggers work hard to complete a task. As Brewster realises, it is not all about strength or talent but more about staying focused, trying again and giving it your best shot to get the job done!


Our 3 Little Trainees learn about problem-solving like nearly everything else – they watch older chuggers, try out and practice. Chuggington viewers will encounter “small problems” in daily life such as not being able to tie their shoe laces or having to deal with a toy that does not work. Some children will enjoy facing the challenge themselves whilst others will look for an adult to help. Our trainees are guided by others but they are sometimes left to their own devices to fix an unexpected issue or something they may have caused themselves. Thus, helping show children how to recollect what they have learned to go about solving problems.


The art of making the “right choices”. Children at this age have a strong desire to be independent. Chuggington recognises this as a very positive needstate, and therefore promotes it – in the right way. The 3 trainees’ decision-making process is always considered and responsible, thus teaching children the right way to go about making their own choices and never being afraid to ask for help.


The 3 Little Trainees and other young chuggers are given instructions by Vee and learning from their mentors to be the very best they can be! For children, there is an early morality developing at this stage, where – although independent – children are keen to please their parents, or other people of authority. Chuggington nurtures this idea by showing the benefits of listening to those in charge.


Our 3 Little Trainees: Wilson, Brewster & Koko love to work as a team in the episodes and get the job done. In this Pre-Operational stage of development, where autonomy is emerging, children increasingly wish to be independent. While it is a good thing, it can lead to isolation, where the child may want to undertake all challenges alone. Messaging about the value of teamwork is therefore all the more important for children of this age group.


At this stage of development, children can be impulsive by nature. This is because in this phase, they are learning through exploration, and have not built a sense of consequence. The Little Trainees learn to slow down and take their time to complete a task or master a new skill. Chuggington helps children learn that sometimes, being impulsive can have negative results. Being more considered in their approach is more likely to get them where they want to be. Going nice and slow is the way to go!


At this stage of development, young children are taking the very first steps to understanding their feelings by learning to identify how they feel and being able to express these feelings. At the same time, they are also starting to learn to recognise others’ feelings and how to react to them to be considerate. Our Little Trainees experience situations that make them happy, sad, surprised, upset or frustrated. Thus, helping children to learn how to identify and deal with their own and others’ emotions, the right way.


Sharing is a universal skill that will prove useful in a child’s life and acceptance in society. At this stage of development, sharing and helping others does not come easily as younger children are often more self-centred. In Chuggington, everyone chips in and is there for one another helping children to accept that sharing is good and helping others can be very rewarding!


Chuggington viewers are at a stage of early socialisation, where they begin pre-school. This can be a very daunting task for some children, whose needs are still very centred around safety. Our Little Trainees look-up to older chuggers or their trainee friends and they sometimes may feel they are more talented than they are. So as little children, they need reassurance and guidance to build-up their confidence. By being encouraged by older chuggers and the other trainees, viewers are reminded that often things that at first seem scary, are not so bad!


Our 3 Little Trainees are learning to ride the rails. Just as young children, they are very keen to learn new things. Children learn and develop at an amazing pace. They have great creativity, imagination, curiosity and love to get physical. So when learning new things, they can develop both intellectual, emotional, cognitive and motoric skills. Cognitive and language development change dramatically through these phases. Chuggington promotes the process of learning by showing the fun and exciting aspect of learning.


The Little Trainees are dependent on their carers to guide them just as young children who look-up to adults to understand if something is safe and what risks they can take. Young children are not initially able to assess what poses a risk to them when they play or go about their daily life. Creating an environment that is safe is key. Along the way, just like children, the trainees become savvy about taking chances and learn from their mistakes before they fall to try again. Chuggington helps children learn that as they explore and move from adventure to adventure, they may experience bumps along the way and that it’s ok!


The 3 Little Trainees learn to try and help themselves and others using the tools available to them around Chuggington. Even in early stages of development, young children need to learn about taking care of themselves so that they can become more self-sufficient without needing their carer around them. Chuggington nurtures this process by showing viewers the importance of taking care of yourself, expressing your needs and reading that of others to help those in need.