Introducing WilsonBrewster and Koko the main chuggers in Chuggington and are often referred to as the three trainees. Like children, they are learning new skills and life lessons. They each have mentors, Jackman, Zack and Hanzo, older chuggers that your child can also aspire to as they are leaders with great achievements. They are skilled at different things and each belong to different teams in Chuggington, Chug PatrolThe Chuggineers, and Speed Fleet


A playful and enthusiastic trainee, Wilson is eager to learn new skills and loves to find himself on exciting new adventures! Wilson is also a problem-solver and needs to learn to think on his wheels and concentrate so he can react quickly in an emergency to save the day!


 Chug Patrol




A strong and brave trainee that everyone can depend on. Brewster is methodical and thorough, he needs to learn to be more self-confident to trust his judgment and stay on the job to get things done.






An energetic and adventurous trainee, Koko is self-confident and competitive, always ready for a race. She needs to learn to listen and take things slow to become the fastest trainee in Chuggington. 


 Speed Fleet




Likeable and wise chuggers in Dunbar, Vee & Old Puffer Pete ensure little chuggers are in good hands. They advise and encourage, giving your child a sense of security that should anything go wrong, they can help. Jackman, Zack & Hanzo are mentors to the Little Trainees, training them to be the best chuggers they can!

Traintastic Chuggers

The trainees look up to the many older Chuggers such as Mtambo, who is the Safari Park tour guide and knows all about animals, Action Chugger who is the superhero of Chuggington, who can not only fly but is also a movie star, as well as Frostini, a dashing ice cream chugger who loves creating new recipes!

Young Chuggers

There are loads of relatable Young Chuggers in Chuggington as well. Twins with strong personalities called Hoot & Toot, trolley chugger Zephie who is always keen to help and Hodge, a shy chugger who fixes the tracks to keep Chuggington moving.